$300 – $500 Corporate Gifts

So you’re looking to make an impression, or buy a great boss or CEO a unique and fun gift? Well you have come to the right place, because there are certainly some unique and fun ideas here for that special corporate guru that you have in mind. We have all had those bosses that rewarded us for our hard work and made us feel good about our productivity and sometimes you want to get them a gift to show your appreciation for their support in your efforts. Or maybe the company is throwing a birthday party for the boss. Whatever the occasion there always some great gifts out there just waiting to be wrapped up and presented which will leave a lasting impression and become a fun daytime use or desktop display for his or her office. Here are some great corporate gift ideas in the $300 – $500 range.


This single watch winder is a great desktop gift for the boss. Available in various finishes or even leather, with the option to add additional winders with a base unit, this is a neat gift for a man or woman who loves to wear those shining automatic watches to corporate or social functions.


These beautifully crafted gold plated pens make an excellent addition to any richly finished corporate desk setting. A great gift idea for the man or woman who loves elaborate furnishing and style.

BRIEFBAG (Nicely finished leather/ornamented) – APROX. $400

There are a variety of briefcases and briefbags you can buy, but very smooth finished bags such as German leather, can be a very classy gift for an on the go corporate player who likes to present a professional and organized image.

These are just a few practical examples of some corporate gift ideas in the $300 – $500 range. You’re probably not looking for an intimate gift, as it is after all the corporate world. But a nice lavishly decorated article such as pens, watches, cases or even unique trinkets and gadgets such as leather watch winders will make flashy and well blended gifts for that boss or CEO that you might have in mind.

Aside from examples, also try to think about the individuals work habits, personal preferences in work ethic, style of dress and and public appearance, etc. All of these things can help you when you’re trying to decide what kind of gift to shop for. For example a quiet and modest individual who spends his out of office hours reading a classic, might enjoy a collector copy of one of his favorite novels, such as leather bound and engraved copies.

Just remember:

1. Think about the individual you’re shopping for

2. Consider style and preferences

3. It doesn’t have to be intimate. It can be a classy professional gift associated with work. (It IS after all a corporate gift!)

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