Advanced Jelqing Techniques For Penis Enlargement?

The Jelqing technique is an exercise method used for the purposes of penis enlargement. It is essentially a repeated massaging movement that forces more blood into the area and in turn the results eventually are both length and width increases.

Usually this is performed for several, several minutes repeatedly. While positive results can occur, in the past one has had to commit themselves to sticking with the routine consistently.

What about advanced Jelqing techniques? Are they easier and faster to perform?

There have now been advanced Jelqing techniques developed which take the original form of Jelqing, and update them making them less time consuming, and even more effective.

How do the advanced Jelqing techniques differ?

Some of the advanced techniques will include stopping after a certain number of massages, and performing a “PC flex”. This is done by identifying your “pc muscle” and simply flexing and holding it in for a moment. This break in the massaging actually makes it easier and much less repetitive. Advance techniques will cut down on the amount of time you have to spend on Jelqing to get positive results.

How long do the advance techniques take to perform?

It depends, but there are some programs which have advanced Jelqing down so well that they’ve designed a routine which only takes 6 minutes a day. This is a far cry from the old 30-60 minute routines that used to be the norm for Jelqing.

Can I just start with advanced? Or do I need to do standard Jelqing first, then move on to advanced?

You should familiarize yourself with standard Jelqing and give it a practice, but you can move into the easier and more efficient advanced techniques fairly quickly.

There are good penis enlarging programs available that will make things as easy as possible and have you practicing advanced techniques right away so you can start getting results both quickly and efficiently.

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