Best Technical Writing Fields – Writing Your Way to Fun and Money

A technical writer’s work isn’t exactly among the top ten most exciting jobs in the world, but it doesn’t mean that it’s all work and no play all the time. In fact, the best technical writing fields are usually those that are fun to write.

If you have a passion for writing and are looking for the best technical writing fields, your search has ended. This article contains the top three that have high scores both in the profit meter and fun meter!

1) Gizmos and Gadgets

One of the best technical writing fields today is that of gadgets. After all, we are in an age when almost everybody wants to know what the next model of Nokia or the next generation of iPods looks like. Technology is now considered sexy.

As a technical writer for gadgets, this frenzy is to your advantage. Reviews on the latest model of mini laptops are most definitely welcome. Articles comparing different brands of mobile phones are eagerly eaten up by the techno-savvy crowd. And don’t pretend like you don’t enjoy being a gadget guru either!

2) Cars and Bikes

There’s just something about a shiny new car or bike that gets people’s hearts racing. This is a more specialized area of writing though and is less commonly found on the Internet compared to the field mentioned above.

However, there are magazines you can apply which specialize in such topics. Automobile shows, for example, also give you something to look forward to. As a technical writer, you are invited to these events regularly. You also get to see some of the rarest, fastest and most innovatively designed cars and bikes in your area.

3) Computer Software

Computer software is also one of the best technical writing fields today. People have a constant need to upgrade their programs, and large and small companies are always ready to give them options.

As a technical writer, you get to sample these programs and review them either for a blog, Web site or magazine. You can even be assigned to create a how-to manual necessary for every computer software that comes out.

There are a lot of opportunities for technical writers to earn money in this day and age. Indeed, the best technical writing fields are often those that are most fun.

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