Blue Tooth GPS Receiver – Turn Your PDA Into A GPS

Bluetooth is the latest wireless technology to hit the market. This enables users to connect cell phones, PDAs, laptops and all the various gadgets to each other to transfer data without the use of tedious and irritating wires. The time it takes to transfer the files is about the same as it takes to email the same one. Now it only goes logically that a Bluetooth gps receiver is going to be made.

Now a bluetooth gps receiver simply turns your PDA into a gps receiver itself. So now your PDA can tell you exactly where you are on earth. The main advantage in buying a bluetooth gps receiver is that it eliminates the need to buy a gps device itself. The Bluetooth gps receiver allows the user to download location specific maps or instructions directly onto the PDA. With the previous technology cabling was involved, now no need for the wires.

It definitely helps to have your PDA Bluetooth gps receiver compatible. If your PDA isn’t compatible, then an adaptor can be bought and inserted into you PDA’s flash drive or into any other slot that is fitted for the adaptor. Now you might think that downloading all this data will slow down and unnecessarily clog your PDA, but all the information you download like maps and check points can simply be loaded onto a memory stick which in turn can be inserted into your memory expansion slot on the PDA. This leaves your compact flash slot free to connect other devices.

Life is certainly much easier when your PDA is also your gps. Just place your Bluetooth gps receiver when driving towards open sky and it easily finds your points of interest along your route be it restaurants, movie theatres, hotels, hospitals and anything else you may want to know the way to or from. The PDA gets converted into and easily readable screen that gives you easy to read and understand instructions from your present location to your desired destination. All this without any irritating wires getting into tangles!

With all the make life easier electronic gadgets all around and more and more being created everyday this Bluetooth gps receiver makes everything easier on or off the road without you having to buy an extra gadget at all!

Source by Abhishek Agarwal

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