Computer Problems? I Can Help

Computer won't start check list:

1. No signs of power at all

a. Are fans running?
b. Any lights on?
c. Power at wall socket on?
d. Check power cord
e. If still no power, power supply is probably bad or short in computer

2. Computer turns on and then turns off immediately

a. Probably a short on motherboard or disk drives

3. Computer turns on and displays start up screens

Computer starts but stops booting and displays an error message

1. May be hard drive boot sector problem
2. Use Recovery disk to fix problem if you are familiar with this procedure.
3. If not write down error message and call for support.

Computer is slower than normal

1. May have a virus. Run virus removal program such as AVG or BitDefender.
2. Your registry may be full of old program info which is no longer needed. Run Ccleaner
3. May have malware. Run Windows Defender or other spy removal software.

Computer is slower than normal and you can't seem to speed it up.

1. Add more memory
2. Check hard disk unused space
3. Check virtual disk usage
4. May have a virus in boot sector. Call support.
5. Run chkdsk with / f option
6. Defrag hard drive

If your computer is older than 4 years, you may want to buy a new one to run the new graphic intensive software. Even the new operating systems like XP or Vista or now 7 require larger hard drives and more internal RAM to run properly.

Always check the software label for computer requirements to make sure your computer is capable of running the software. Also make sure your monitor is capable of displaying the new software.

If you are still having problems, call a qualified service tech to help.

Source by Clemens Haneke

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