Handsfree Kits – Necessity or Mere Marketing Tool

Hands free kits, call it bells and whistles are the products that the companies provide to the potential customers to buy their products. And in the mobile phone industry which is witnessing enormous growth and competition, it has become a necessary tool or marketing strategy to attract the buyers.

The truth – customer is a king in the commercial transaction holds true; and in the present scenario they have many options to choose from. They are getting the same phone in different price bandwidth and with good kits along with the products. So, mobile manufacturers from Nokia, to Sony Ericsson, to Samsung, to HTC, to Blackberry, to Hewlett Packard, and to PALM are adding kits to their gadgets. They have now become an essential part of the mobile phone package offering users the chance to multi-task, and as far as driving goes, hands free kits equals no fine!

The choice is enormous and it varies, from the traditional two piece Walkman type ear phones, to the popular Bluetooth connector, it comes as an add-on products with these gadgets. Not to mention, the handsfree kits varies from person to person, and from consumer to consumer.

There is Nokia HS 47 Headset which comes complete with a Nokia AD-53 adaptor giving the headset a 3.5mm jack. With the help of headset, its users can make calls or listen to music with this handy stereo headset.

The practical answer/end button in the headset makes it easy on the part of users to manage calls and listen to tunes on the music player or from the FM radio of the compatible mobile device. It also come with the compatibility aspect. It is compatible to the array of other Nokia mobile phones, it includes – N95, N76, 7390, E90 Communicator, 6300, 6290, 6110 Navigator, 5300 XpressMusic, 5200 and 3110 Classic.

Source by Raina Kelsey

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