How to Get a Bigger Penis Length and Girth Using Natural Methods!

Most guys are interested in getting a bigger penis length and girth. The only problem most men face is locating the right method that is both effective and affordable. There is no need for you to be on a constant hunt for the best method of enlarging your manhood anymore, I used to be in your situation. I once had a penis that was 4 inches in girth and 6 inches in length but now I have increased it to a length of 8 inches and 5.5 inches in girth. Just like most men with small penises, back then I used to be shy of approaching pretty voluptuous women but now I can approach ANY woman that I have interest in because I know when it is time to get down she would be impressed with my size.

You don’t have to be stuck with your small manhood size when you can make it bigger. Before I reveal the methods that helped me get a bigger penis, let me talk more on some methods that don’t work.


Penile surgery is usually the first option for rich guys. But before you go gathering all your life savings to undergo surgery, you should know that surgery is not only dangerous and risky it is also ineffective. Surgery can only give you about 1 inch gain in penile length and little or nothing in penile girth. What’s the point in paying so much for a procedure that would only leave you disappointed and frustrated at the results. Surgery can’t even give you a bigger penis girth which is very important in giving women orgasms during sexual intercourse. Even if you can afford surgery, don’t undergo surgery. It’s simply not worth the risks and expensive price tag.

Pumps and Gadgets

All those so called penis enlargement pumps and gadgets being sold on the internet can’t give you a bigger penis permanently. For instance pumps would give you a bigger erection after pumping but after a few hours your penis returns back to its normal size. This is the deception that those merchants use to sell their useless device. The continued hope that your penis is getting bigger keeps you from knowing that the gains are actually temporary. Other penile gadgets being sold by merchants are usually very dangerous and could cause penile injury and severe penile scarring. Pumps and penile gadgets don’t work!

Natural penis exercises and Herbal penis enlargement pills would give you a bigger penis girth and length!

Yes, these two methods of penile enlargement actually work. These two methods were what I used to increase my penile girth by 1.5 inches and penile length by 2 inches. Are you surprised that natural penis exercises and herbal penis enlargement exercises can actually give you a bigger manhood? Don’t be, let me explain a little on how these two methods work.

Natural penis exercises are special and dedicated exercises that focus on pressuring the penile tissues to grow to bigger sizes. By engaging in natural penis exercises you force more blood than your penis can normally contain into your penile shaft. This results in the penile tissues expanding and stretching beyond its normal limit. During your rest days, your penile tissues re-grow to larger sizes and this result in a bigger penis size, both in length and girth.

Herbal penis enlargement pills actually compliment natural penis exercises. Using herbal penis enlargement pills alone would not enlarge your penis permanently. You would get a bigger penis while using herbal penis enlargement pills alone but your gains would be lost when you stop using them. This is one reason why merchants selling quality herbal penis enlargement pills usually package their pills with a natural penis exercise program. What these pills do is to heal worn-out penile tissues, increase blood flow to your genitals and help in penile growth.

Now you know penile enlargement is possible and also affordable to you, what are you waiting around for? Start exercising right away and have the confidence to approach beautiful and voluptuous ladies that would end up chasing you for more after they have tasted what you are packing downstairs.

Source by Temitayo Olatunde

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