How to Improve Time Management With Modern Gadgets

Have you ever notice all the time management products available today? Cell phone, portable computers, PDA, and even GPS are all time management tools to make our lives easier. Sure I would be lost without my cell phone. I can guarantee I would have forgotten to get coffee from the store if my son had not called to remind me. His call saved me from having to waste time and gas going back to the store. There is however a dark side to all these high tech time savers, they do not really save you time.

We used to go to work from 9am until 5 pm every weekday and have the weekends off to spend with our families or doing things we wanted to do. Now thanks to these time management tools we are available 24 hours a day from anywhere. You can be relaxing at the beach and in a meeting with a client at the same time. Now instead of working all week to clear up a little time for enjoying ourselves we simply use some of the time we saved to do more work.

My Grandmother used to have a washing machine that you had to hand crank, and she had time to sit and enjoy tea on the back stoop. I have a washing machine that almost picks the clothes up off the floor for me and do not have time dunk a tea bag let alone sit and watch the sunset. Why? Seems my time management skills included adding more things to do when I had extra time.

We constantly complain there is never enough time and create things to help us with time management then we look for as many ways a possible to fill the time we save. Our work days start earlier and end later. Even telemarketers do not have to waste time waiting for you to answer the phone now a computer dials the number and if you answer you are placed on hold until they have time to sell you the product. I am sorry but to me that is outrageous and I usually hang up on the computer generated hold please voice. I guess if you want to sell me something you will have to waste time waiting for me to answer you.

Time management tools are a wonderful way to help you increase your productivity at work as well as at home but some of the time we save should be used relax and smell the roses.

Source by Claire Geonzon

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