Mobile Phones Are Now Almost Impossible to Live Without

Gone are the days when mobile phones were just a luxury enjoyed only by the upper class. Nowadays, these gadgets have become a necessity for everyone. So, seeing your doctor, professor, your nanny or even your gardener with a cell phone isn’t a big deal.

Some of the key disadvantages of not having a mobile include:

• Inconvenience

Whether it is through making a call or texting, communicating with the rest of the world is possible through mobiles. This is a very important feature in times of emergencies, or when contacting someone right away becomes imperative. Not having a cell phone would only create a hindrance and make you unable to contact your loved ones.

• An Inferior Social Status

Having a mobile with you gives you a sense of satisfaction as it indicates that you are part of the “in” crowd. Believe it or not, most individuals are constantly competing with one another by comparing their handsets and deciding whose cell phone is inferior and whose is the best of all.

• Increased Boredom

Apart from being an essential tool for communication, mobiles also reduce your boredom in many ways. For instance, they offer a variety of games, and enable you to listen to your favorite music, watch the latest movies and even access the Internet. Thus, not having a mobile would mean waiting in a long queue, sitting on the backseat of a car or even lying sleepless at night with absolutely nothing to do.

• The Need to Buy Different Gadgets

As a result of the advancements made in the cellular industry, things like alarm clocks, calculators, organizers, cameras, etc are almost on the verge extinction. Nowadays, all these facilities are built in within a mobile phone, and especially come in handy whenever you’re travelling or on the move. However the inability of using a mobile phone would mean buying separate alarm clocks, calculators, cameras, etc and carrying them around.

Thus, it is safe to say that mobile phones are not just a necessity that helps you to communicate; cell phones are gadgets that offer a vast array of additional, exciting services that I for one cannot imagine my life without.

Source by Duncan Beech

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