New Ed Begley Jr. Show Exposes Japanese Air Purifiers That Can "Smell"

Last night I saw Ed Begley Jr.'s new TV show "Living With Ed" on Home and Garden TV (HGTV) often features gadgets brought to him by his Gadget Guru Rich Mayer. The show is about "Green Living", environmentally safe ideas, and all things healthy

Rich Mayer, for those who don't know him, is one of the worlds' leading experts on electric cars, having made them for Tom Cruise, Madonna, and many other celebrities. Richard has spent many years in China researching new inventions

An Air Purifier That Can "Smell" and "Think"

One of the very cool gadgets Richard found in China was an air purifier with Japanese Air sensors that detect pollen, odor, and dust. This allows the air purifier to:

o Save Electricity by adjusting to the room.

o Removes any guesswork as to whether you need it on or off

o Removes allergy pollen automatically for those with allergies and asthma

o Reduces Dust automatically

o Detects Odors before you do

I decided to try it and here's what I experienced:

o Some garbage in my kitchen started to smell and the purifier turned on

o The cat walked by it and it turned up

o I opened the window and the pollen set it off

o Even a peanut butter sandwich turned it on

I'm also finding it helps with allergies and in reducing dust in the house

I love gadgets like this but be warned: You'll have to shower before you walk in front of it when a womans in the house! More Gadgets to come

Source by Mark E. Richardson

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