Retro Record Players – Reminiscing the Good Ole Happy Times

When you see a record player, what you basically remember is music from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s. Those were the years when record players reached the height of their popularity. People born in the ’80s and later years may not be able to relate much to it, unless they are into collecting vintage items such as old record players and vinyls. But definitely those born in the 40’s to 60’s were all able to witness how great music was then. The music of Elvis Presley and the Beatles are just two of the most popular music in their time. The feeling of dancing to their groove during their height was surely different from dancing the same in the present times.

Our parents and grandparents can surely tell the great difference between the bars and pubs before and now. A record player is one of their most prominent fixtures. Not only were they enjoying high quality of music form the top music icons then, they were also enjoying the high quality of music produced by the turntables. These, among other things, are what our folks can be very proud of. They quality of entertainment they were able to enjoy before could not be compared to what we have at present.

In 1950’s, it was actually difficult to secure permission to put up bars and pubs. But when the owners were finally granted their request, some people believed that never have they felt so good. Then it was the time new pubs and inns were slowly growing in number and gaining popularity. Some of them have their own pub theme. Some owners ventured on attractive architectural designs and remarkable interior designs. Their style was very distinct from the design of pubs and bars at present. Then discotheque was introduced, which we were able to adapt until now.

The interest over these phonographs is again increasing. Despite the latest gadgets now available, there are people and businesses who still buy these as part of their vintage collection. But it isn’t just that, remember that our folks have a lot of vinyls stocked up. Even though it took several years already, these vinyl records can still be used. A cleaning kit will do magic on those. In minutes, you’d be able to discover why your folks just love songs in their generation. They were able to even incorporate CD players, recorders, radio and cassette into latest turntables. You now have a chance to enjoy both worlds. You have vinyls to appreciate the music of your grandparents, cassette tapes to still get touch with the music in the 80’s and 90’s and CD player to play the music of the current generation.

Today, there are people who spend collecting vintage items. There are even those people who are not that aged but they are interested in retro collection. This is because they were able to find the beauty and value of yesterday. So when our folks see vintage stuffs just like a record player, they will always remember the great amount of time they spent to enjoy their youth.

Source by Tom C. Means

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