Starting Your New Business – What Happens After The First Excitement Wears Off?

You’ve got your business idea and enough money to get started – everything started off well but now it’s less exciting and is getting more difficult to make those sales. So what do you do to make your business successful after the first enthusiasm starts to wear off?

Set yourself achievable targets and give yourself a small reward for achieving them – be it a few hours off, a new gadget or a night out. Just because you are the boss does not mean that you don’t need to be motivated.

Set yourself a working routine for the next three months – make sure that you plan to take time off during this period – at least a day a week. Review this at the end of the period and see if you can make improvements.

Don’t let dejection set in or start procrastinating. Sometimes if things are not working right – taking a break and coming back later seems to get things going well again! If things get too bad just set yourself one task and then congratulate yourself. Just keep your motivation high and enjoy being your own boss!

Review how much of your original business plans you have achieved and review your business plan and strategy for the next year.

Review your finances and plan how to improve your profit and turnover. Congratulate yourself if they have visibly improved in the last year.

Review your fulfillment processes – that’s how you get from taking an order to delivering your product and supporting your customers. Sketch the procedures down on paper and see if you can make them more efficient – maybe quicker or cheaper to run. Have a look at your stock at the same time.

Make sure that you keep in contact with your old friends and set some time aside to network with new business friends. It is vital to keep your business flourishing as well as fun.

Believe in yourself and your business plans. After all if you have completed all the above tasks – you know that your business is running as efficiently as possible!

Source by Lee Lister

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