The Best Golf GPS Device – Could it Be the Golf Guru 4?

Apple revolutionized the smartphone market with the iPhone and its touch screen technology. This technology has also revolutionized the golf GPS device. With a touch screen at their fingertips and an aerial image of the course, golfers can pinpoint any spot on the course and get the appropriate distances; they no longer have to rely on the specific points mapped by the manufacturer.

There are many golf GPS devices that use touch screen technology, including the Golf Guru 4 Touch Screen. The Golf Guru 4 is actually a multi-function device; not only does it play music and videos for you, but, for an extra cost, you can turn it into a road navigation device by installing the necessary software from Odyssey.

But you will want to buy it, of course, for the golf GPS software. The Golf Guru 4 has just about every feature you can think of: free access to over 20,000 AerVu Lite course maps, a 20 channel GPS receiver for fast GPS acquisition, a ‘Smart Green’ with adjustable pin location, a shot distance function that allows you to add club and lie, and the largest screen of any golf GPS device.

Main Features

Its AerVu technology (and Aervu maps) includes aerial images of the entire hole with color graphics on a large 3.5″ screen. Aervu maps come at a price though: you can chose from a range of options, from paying $9.50 for one to paying $70.00 for 10. You will get one AerVu map for free But it does come with free access (no annual membership fee) to over 20,000 standard Aervu Lite maps. These have all the functionality of Aervu maps, minus the aerial images. The Golf Guru 4 can hold up to 200 of these Aervu maps.

You can map your own courses with the Golf Guru 4 and include up to 30 targets per hole. You can do this with many other golf GPS devices; but only the Golf Guru 4 allows you to map an outline of the green.

With its Shot Plan feature (this is where touch screen technology really shines), you can move a tiny yellow rectangle to any spot on the course, and the Golf Guru 4 will give you the distance to that point and from that point to the green. Key points, like water, bunkers, and hazards are marked on each map, of course, but with Shot Plan you have complete control of your course management (it is great for layups, for example).

Its Smart Green technology rivals SkyCaddie’s IntelliGreen. With Smart Green you can position the pin anywhere on the green. The Golf Guru 4 then displays a trio of distances: to the near side of the green, to the pin, and to the far side of the green. The most impressive part is that it does this along the line of attack from your current location. The shape of the green rotates automatically as you approach, and is always properly aligned. Many golf GPS devices simply mark the front of the green at one point that does not change. If you are using a different golf GPS and you happen to miss your approach shot and end up to the side of the green (does happen occasionally), the point marked as the front of the green on your map is no longer in front of you. This will not happen with the Golf Guru 4.

The only downside is that it is a little bulky and looks very much like a road navigation GPS (it is about the size of a deck of cards but a little thicker). You can of course use a belt clip instead of carrying it in your pocket.

Overall, the Golf Guru 4 golf GPS is a very fine product and compares favorably to (dare we say better than?) other top brand models.

Source by Philip Hoskins

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