The Prospect of Fingerprinting Technology Method

Fingerprint technology has been widely used in decree enforcement and crime examination agencies. Tools of fingerprint technology are used to distinguish, identify, and match fingerprints. For the past few decades, this know-how is used in the government. However, it is becoming more popular in civilian products. Some laptops, cell-phones, and other personal gadgets are now set with fingerprint recognition devices. It is to make safe personal data and information that are stored in these handy electronic devices. Besides cell phones and laptops, the most necessary thing that you ought to have when you go out is your wallet. In it, there is cash, credit cards, and other imperative cards. Your wallet is exceedingly necessary, but have you ever found it extremely incontinent because you have too many effects in it?

I heard somewhere of an idea to create a new electronic gadget that would be a fingerprint wallet, which he wants to call – the Finger Bank. Fingerprinting programs and banking scheme will be connected. With the utilization of Finger Bank, one can just have his or her finger scanned and do money transactions. People can shell out fees without opening up their wallets, take out their cards or money, and give or present it to the cashier; they simply must swipe through their fingers on fingerprint recognition devices, and the money will be automatically deducted from their Finger Bank balance. People do not have got to bring their cards and money around anymore. Even though, depending on the bank guidelines, there might be age restriction on applying for credit cards or debit cards, so as to benefit more people with the Finger Bank, there would be no age requirement; after all, there is no age restriction on bringing a wallet.

Credit cards and debit cards are convenient. Yet, there are two restrictions: cards take up spaces and passwords are necessary. Using password is not the most secure way to guard users’ banking information. Some people might be able to open others’ accounts if they got the passwords. Also, some people might not recall the password of their own accounts. Banks, then, have to use the services of customer service representatives to handle troubles that online banking users might have; it costs money. However, fingerprint is distinctive; it is a unique pattern that each person has, and it is very improbable that someone will lose his or her fingers. Using fingerprints to access a banking account is more safe.

In the past centuries, people and scientists discovered the individuality of human fingerprints, and became conscious that fingerprints could be used for classifying persons. In the seventeenth century, scientists investigated fingerprints and grouped them by patterns. Since the twentieth century, fingerprint classification technology scheme has been set up for government use, such as boarder control and criminal act analysis Fingerprint technology is also used in everyday electronic devices for privacy security. Since people are getting more concern with the security of credit cards, banks have always been advertising new tactics to further care for users’ privacy; therefore, there is the invention of Finger Bank which uses users’ fingerprint as the password.

Source by Lawrence Ocampo

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