Use Soft Skills to Uncover Your Unconscious Body Language Training

Unconscious body language training is invisible since that is how we are designed to behave.

Yet is your unconscious body language training invisible to everyone or only you?

What are the consequences of not knowing what your body is saying?

Behavior patterns are designed to become automatic.

Think about when you first learned to drive and how many thoughts were racing through your head. How many of them have now become “second nature”? Do something long enough and you often forget that you are doing it or you think about something else while it is happening. For instance do you ever salt your food before tasting it?

Search the Internet or ask a close friend if the habit of salting your food before tasting it is considered rude. Chances are you will hear a resounding “yes”. Compounding this, what if more people notice this behavior than you think, especially the person who prepared the food? If caught, you will probably react with something like “oh sorry, I wasn’t thinking” and that will be the end of it.

Yet, what if this is just the tip of your behavioral iceberg?

What else do you habitually do “without thinking”?

For instance:

Are you ever asked to repeat what you just said and discover you don’t have a clue what it was?

Do you have some sort of behavioral “tick” of which you may not be aware?

Have you ever finished someone’s sentence?

How often are you aware of what your arms are doing when you speak?

Regardless of whether you are conscious of these acts, or many others like them, how often do those with whom you are communicating notice them? Probably more often than you think. More importantly, are you efficiently adding to or subtracting from your ability and chances to get your communication heard and accepted by your listeners?

The more we disappear into our smart gadgets and to do lists, the less present we are becoming to what our own bodies are doing. Here lies an opportunity that more and more people are both becoming aware of and are beginning to do something about, especially responsible decision makers.

Reading body language is becoming more and more popular. More and more people are becoming aware of and learning to interpret the information we offer through our body language. Be aware that most of this information is offered regardless of whether we are conscious of it or not. This is something to think about especially if you are involved in any kind of leadership, sales or service role. In fact, with all the current capacity to be caught on film when you least expect it, is NOT being conscious of what your body language is broadcasting any longer a wise career move?

If you are also becoming present to the handwriting on the wall regarding body language training, then there are some practical steps you can take to consciously take charge of what your body is broadcasting. Here are a few of them:

Be present!

The more you are in synch with what is happening here and now, the more you can do something about it.

Relax, breathe more deeply and consciously

If there is one fundamental step you can do now to get your more present it is to consciously inhale more air.

Connect with Gravity

The more you integrate your body into the flow of one of the most natural and healing forces we have available, the more energy you will be able to effectively handle what is happening before you, here and now.

Remain curious

The more you choose to NOT to be an expert and open up to what going on around you now, the more you will increase your chances to see something new and potentially game changing.

Respond to situations rather than automatically reacting to them

Take the time to reflect over what is unfolding before you here and now and then contemplate your options before answering back. This will greatly increase your chances of success compared to reacting with something you learned long ago in a universe far, far away.

Source by Kurt Larsson

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